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Fully Accredited & Tested Solar Panels with Warranty

Long Term Performance & Manufacturer Warranty

All warranties are held with ASX listed parent company - Yanghao International (YHL) based in Australia. learn more

Yanghao International Limited is listed on the Australia Exchange market. The ASX stock code is YHL. Total investment of Zhejiang Yanghao Group is RMB 700,000,000.00. The warranty for the Aurora PV products is held and guaranteed by the parent company Yanghao International, which is based in Sydney Australia. This alone is by far one of the greater advantages to the consumer when purchasing imported photovoltaic products, unlike other companies whose warranties are held by insurance companies etc, that are based off shore.

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25 Year Performance Warranty

All panels are backed by a full 25 year performance warranty.

As your system naturally degrades overtime, Yanghao International provide a fully backed 25 Year performance warranty to all their custoemrs. Yanghao International is an ASX company based in Australia that fully backs all Aurora PV warranties to ensure you always have cover.

10 Year Manufacturer Warranty

All panels are backed by a new 10 year manufacturer warranty.

The 10 Year Manufacturer warranty is highly regarded in the industry as the new leading standard for manufacturer based warranties. Yanghao International is an ASX company based in Australia that fully backs all Aurora PV warranties to ensure you always have cover.

Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited Panels (IEC EN61730 and IEC EN61215 or IEC EN61646)

Fully CEC Accredited

The CEC accredited panels are based on modules having test certificates for standards such as IEC EN61730 and IEC EN61215 or IEC EN61646.

Changing materials has far reaching effects on:

  • Module performance claims
  • Expected long term life and performance of the modules.
  • Safety and protection from failure. Moisture ingress in to junction boxes has been known to have been the cause of electrical fires which have caused substantial damage or even loss of property

So what do we do that’s different?

We work with closely with our customers to ensure the highest quality.

  • By being independent, we can select from companies which have the latest Quality certificates and technology so compliance does not mean old technology.
  • The long term ageing check's are again against a specific bill of materials and form the basis of the performance guarantee.
  • Your products are checked at the start of production for compliance to the bill of materials.
  • Production of your modules is monitored to ensure they follow quality procedures.
  • Each of your products is visually inspected.
  • Your flash test conditions are guaranteed by independent observation of test conditions such as temperature and test machine calibration.

Why Buy From Us?

At Solar Panel Supplies (SPS) we do not actually purchase the product, we only manage the stock and orders for Aurora PV. learn more

We work closely with Zhejiang Aurora PV

At SPS we have a very close working relationship with Zhejiang Aurora PV.

We have learned from experience that not all PV manufactures will allow our engineers to:

  • Audit their manufacturing plant, procedures and cleanliness.
  • Audit all the materials prior to production to ensure all components used are to the bill of materials certification.
  • Audit the calibration certification of testing equipment.

These vital key factors are the assurance to the consumer that they are purchasing quality product. The failure of a PV manufacture to allow these inspections obviously creates suspicion.

Let us help you!

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